Welcome to Nous Espresso Bar

Located in the Graduate Student Center in Philosophy Hall inside the Columbia University campus, Nous Espresso Bar is a small cafe that strives to bring to the campus unique and high quality offerings. We proudly serve Stumptown Coffee, a coffee roaster which offers responsibly sourced beans that are locally roasted in small batches. Come on in for hand crafted espresso based drinks, drip coffee (regional blend) and pour overs (single origin). We also serve Rishi Tea, a company known for offering the best, organic and fair trade teas, direct from tea gardens around the world. Our pastries are delivered daily from an Asian inspired French Patisserie located in Spanish Harlem. We use only the freshest ingredients and make our sandwiches, salads and pastas to order. Please come visit us soon!

Our Coffee

We proudly serve Stumptown Coffee.

  • Stumptown

    Stumptown Coffee Roasters, a company that made a name for itself with one vow: To only sell fresh coffee — less than 48 hours out of the roaster — made by a unique, slow-brew process using the "finest, most delicious and responsibly sourced beans."

  • Espresso

    The Hair Bender : Cherry, Toffee & Fudge - This complex and sweet cup starts with a round, full cherry splash and finishes with warm chocolate and toffee flavors

  • Single Origin

    Coffee grown within a single known geographic origin. Based on the season and availability, Nous offers different single origin beans through out the year.

  • Drip

    Ethiopia Mordecofe, Melon, Hops & Black Tea - gentle round melon with floral lemon and hops, then a warm, vanilla-black tea finish.

    Costa Rica Montes de Oro, Apple, Dark Chocolate, Honey - A bright flash of fruit mellows quickly into a comforting, subtle flavor of dark chocolate with a honey finish.

  • Pour Over

    The abilities to control every variable, grind, dose, water, and speed, in the brewing process, create a cup that's exactly suited to highlight the unique character of our fine single origin beans.

  • New Orleans Iced Chicory

    Cold brewed 24 hours with roasted chicory and lightly sweetened to bring out unpretentious sweet and thick flavor.

Guest Roaster

Noble Coffee Roasting

We welcome our second Guest Roaster, Noble Coffee Roasting, Noble is located in the Southern Oregon town of Ashland, the home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Noble sources the highest quality green coffee from organic farms and cooperatives, and handcrafts them in small batches. Drip Coffee offering: Kenya Muiri Estate - Juicy and smooth body, flavors of strawberry and peach Pour Over offering: Honduras Los Cipreses - Silky and soft body, flavors of guava and pineapple


Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Thursday

  • Saturday


Graduate Student Center
Philosophy Hall, Room 301
Columbia University
New York, New York


Espresso & Coffee

DRIP   Honduras Finca El Puente     SINGLE ORIGIN  Guatemala Finca El Injerto     ESPRESSO  Hair Bender     Americano     Macchiato     Gibraltar     Cappuccino     Latte     Mocha

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BLACK    China Breakfast      Earl Grey      GREEN    Houjicha     Jasmine       OOLONG    Iron Goddess of Mercy       CAFFEINE FREE    Chamomile Medley    Peppermint

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Croissants    Muffins     Zucchini Nut Bread    Lemon Pound Cake       Marble Pound Cake      Brownies    Cookies

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Roast Pork Bahn Mi    Tilapia Po’ Boy     Tomato & Muzz    Tofu Bahn Mi       Roasted Beet & Goat Cheese Salad      Green Papaya Salad   Sushi

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